AJ Fischer was charged along with more than 1,000 other defendants, including his stepfather Brian Boele, in connection with the January 6 protest at the US Capitol.

The politically weaponized and biased DC Department of Justice selectively released evidence to support charging protesters including AJ and Brian with trespass, rioting, and civil disorder to fit the false narrative that a pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol to stop the election certification.

The DOJ ignored and hid evidence that DC and US Capitol Police launched an illegal attack on the crowd, within the first minutes of the protest, long before the riot broke out. AJ and Brian witnessed firsthand the breakdown of order that ensued and led to protesters entering the building en masse more than an hour later.


AJ and Brian throughout the years

After January 6th, AJ embarked on a mission to reveal the true events of this tragedy concealed by the media and the federal government.

AJ founded InvestigateJ6 after his arrest in January 2022 and joined with other J6 investigators, lawyers, journalists and J6 defendants exposing the setup.

Scouring protester recorded footage and police bodycam footage, AJ found evidence corroborating his experience. AJ found video evidence of the attacks on protesters, his assistance of multiple protesters injured by police, and of officers ordering a shooting which struck him in the head, who then admitted that their attacks were hitting and inciting innocent protesters in the early moments of the protest.

AJ investigated the first uses of force that led to all out war waged on the crowd by police and found that the initial order to fire on protesters without warning was illegal, according to DC protest law and affirmed by multiple civil rights lawsuits in DC against police with the same facts.

AJ is still fighting his criminal charges in DC, facing years in prison; and is fighting for groundbreaking change of venue in the interests of justice out of the biased district of DC and into an impartial venue where he can be judged fairly by an unbiased jury.

AJ is continuing his investigation into the police who attacked him and is developing a civil lawsuit pro-se against the DC and US Capitol Police for violating his and protester's rights under the color of law.


What they didn't show you:

AJ and Brian followed a crowd onto Capitol grounds and arrived on the West Plaza of the US Capitol at approximately 1:00pm. They were not present for the removal of police bike racks or fencing that occurred by a small group of protesters before their arrival.

Within minutes of arriving on the West Plaza, at 1:07pm, AJ saw a team of Capitol Police stationed at an elevated position above the crowd fire in his direction and strike a protester in the face.

AJ immediately came to the aid of the wounded protester, Josh Black, and called out to the crowd twice for a medic. One arrived seconds later and began to triage Josh.

A USCP officer instructed AJ that they should "get [Josh Black] out of there to get medical attention." AJ relayed the message to the medic and group that was now aiding Josh. At no time did this officer, or any other USCP officer tell AJ or anyone else in the crowd that they were breaking the law and needed to leave, or warn them that they would be fired upon with munitions if they failed to exit the area.

Seconds after speaking with the officer, at 1:10pm, the same Capitol Police team fired into the crowd again feet from AJ and Brian. At this time, AJ witnessed a handful of protesters who were fired at begin to fight back.

At 1:18pm, the same Capitol Police team fired into the crowd a third time, aimed at a group of peaceful protesters standing near a large wooden cross. Pepper ball munitions struck AJ and Brian, with one pepper ball munition hitting AJ in the head, impacting against his left temple.

A few minutes after this assault, DC police begin firing an unrelenting barrage of explosive munitions into the crowd resembling flash bang grenades.

From this point on, AJ assisted multiple other protesters as the once peaceful crowd devolved into chaos as explosion after explosion went off all around them.

AJ bandaged one man bleeding from the head and pulled multiple protesters being beaten to safety, while instructing elderly protesters and families including women, children and pet dogs to leave the area as it had become unsafe.

The police continued to mace, beat, shoot and throw grenades and mortars at protesters for more than one hour from this point turning what was once a free speech protest into a police riot.

AJ West Plaza Timeline - Jan 6 Found Footage


WATCH the viral video made by AJ exposing the early January 6th police violence that has reached 10 million views on X alone, and millions of more views all over the internet.

Who is AJ Fischer?:

AJ is a disabled veteran, a young father to a little boy, and an American patriot who showed up in DC on January 6th to protect fellow Trump supporters as they exercised their 1A right to freedom of speech.

Senior Airman AJ Fischer was an enlisted aircrew member of the US Air Force. AJ flew as a C-17 Aircraft Loadmaster Journeyman on various missions around the world while stationed stateside and while deployed to the Middle East in service of Operations Enduring Freedom, Inherent Resolve, Freedom Sentinel, and United Assistance, with a total of 135 sorties within the United States and in 24 countries around the world.

AJ's notable record includes flying 12 Combat and 14 Combat Support missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and the neighboring region, including the deployment of Army Special Forces units and Navy Seal teams. AJ flew 2 Aeromedical Evacuation missions rescuing wounded service members and delivering them to trauma centers out of the Middle East, and 1 Humanitarian Aid mission delivering medical equipment, supplies and personnel to West Africa to combat the outbreak of the deadly infectious disease Ebola. AJ flew 6 Phoenix Banner missions supporting President Obama movements around the US and the world, moving POTUS limos, Marine One helicopters, US Secret Service and armored vehicles, and White House staff with a total of 6 POTUS trips in the United States and to 5 countries.

In total, during his flying career on board the C-17, AJ moved 5,070,600 lbs of equipment and passengers; consisting of 1,867 troops and government personnel, 207 vehicles, and 379 pallets in and out of airfields all over the world.

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While home stateside AJ volunteered as a member of the Air Force Honor Guard at Charleston Air Force base and rendered honors at 11 military funerals. AJ served as a DOD Combat Casualty Care instructor for his squadron responsible for training hundreds of squadron members in First Aid, trauma response, and lifesaving techniques and equipment; instructing members on CPR, Tourniquets, Nasopharyngeal Airways, Chest Seals treating sucking chest wounds, and wound care for deployment readiness. AJ served as Squadron Tactics Officer holding a DOD Secret Security Clearance, responsible for maintaining and updating 50K+ Secret and classified documents and supporting 400+ missions around the world and multiple Joint Chief of Staff Alerts with up to date intel.

While stateside in between missions abroad, AJ was scouted by a modeling agency and spent 2 years as a professional runway model, walking in fashion shows around the country including in New York Fashion week. AJ notably walked for Justin Timberlake's clothing line William Rast, and Cadet out of Brooklyn, New York among others and was featured in Vogue in Taiwan for a print shoot he modeled in.

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In 2017, after his honorable discharge from the US Air Force, AJ attended Baruch College in Manhattan, but moved to Tampa in 2018 to be closer to family, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Advertising and PR from the University of Tampa in December of 2020 weeks before January 6th.

AJ visited DC in December 2020 during "Million MAGA" / "Stop The Steal" rallies to protect innocent Trump protesters being attacked by ANTIFA/BLM thugs.

On January 6th, AJ again traveled to DC for the same purpose, and found himself on the US Capitol's west plaza within the first minutes of the protest outside the US Capitol.

Who is Brian Boele?

Brian Boele is a retired 9/11 Fire Captain, a husband, a grandfather and an American Patriot who showed up in DC on January 6th to protect fellow Trump supporters and exercise his 1A right to freedom of speech.

Brian served with the third largest fire department in the state of New Jersey for nearly 26 years prior to retiring in 2013.

Brian responded on 9/11/2001 to the World Trade Center as his department directly bordered Manhattan on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.

Brian spent the weeks after that tragic day responding both on duty and off to assist in the recovery efforts at Ground Zero.

Brian's calling to service of others led him to responding to multiple natural and man made disasters throughout his career, volunteering in recovery and rebuilding efforts in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, as well disaster relief in New Jersey after super storm Sandy.

Brian has been awarded multiple commendations for lifesaving actions both individually and as part of a team. Brian holds many FEMA and State certifications in life saving, emergency management, hazardous materials and urban search and rescue to name a few.

Brian served for most of his career in some capacity for the unions, representing and advocating for firefighter safety on both a local and statewide level, including time as a local union president.

AJ has fought for his country, and for YOU, and now he needs your help in return. Please donate today.



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